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Amidst the demands of work that kept me apart from my family, I grappled with erratic job hours and a disrupted eating routine. During these moments, a cherished memory surfaced – my mother's ingenious onion-tomato masala, her swift solution for unexpected guests. This memory kindled the idea for our gravies, aimed at resolving similar kitchen challenges for households everywhere.

Our gravies don't just offer convenience; they encapsulate a journey from memory to innovation. Driven by the mission to offer the best, we meticulously crafted spice combinations that infuse our gravies with restaurant-style flavors. These blends transform each dish into a culinary delight, all from the comfort of your home.

From my mother's kitchen to your dining table, our gravies embody the spirit of familial wisdom and culinary excellence. With every meal, we invite you to experience the fusion of convenience and exceptional taste, a testament to our commitment to making home cooking effortless and flavorful.


At Gravy Home, we believe that everyone deserves the joy of gourmet meals without the complications. With our vast array of gravies, spanning both non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines, we aim to empower you, our valued customer, to become your own master chef. Cooking delightful meals quickly and effortlessly is no longer a dream. Whether your preference leans towards meaty delights or vegetarian wonders, our gravies are crafted to enhance every dish's flavor. Join us on this culinary journey where convenience meets taste, and every meal becomes a celebration. Your kitchen, your rules, our gravies.

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