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Discover the versatility of our ready-to-use Indian gravies. Prepare numerous main course cuisines with ease. Save time, money, and the hassle of lengthy cooking processes. Experience authentic flavors without the need for costly ingredients. Elevate your meals and explore the culinary delights of India.



Welcome to Gravy Home, where we offer a diverse selection of gravies that serve as the perfect base for a wide range of dishes, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Our gravies are designed to make you a chef in your own kitchen, saving you valuable time and cost. With our flavorful and carefully crafted recipes, you can cook up any dish in minutes, without compromising on taste or quality. We take pride in providing you with a convenient solution that simplifies your cooking process while delivering authentic flavors that truly represent the essence of Indian cuisine. Whether you're a seasoned cook or a beginner, our gravies empower you to create delicious meals effortlessly. Say goodbye to lengthy preparations and the hassle of gathering numerous ingredients. Experience the joy of cooking as our gravies become your secret ingredient, allowing you to explore your culinary creativity and savor delightful homemade meals in no time.

Our Gravies

No preservatives, No artificial colors, No added flavors, No MSG

Cook effortlessly with our four types of gravies. From classics to exotic options, enjoy flavorful meals in minutes. Elevate your dishes with our convenient gravies.


Hygiene: Our process prioritizes safety by minimizing human contact. Machines handle our gravies more than hands, ensuring cleanliness and reducing contamination risk.

Cost-effective: Our gravies offer all essential Indian dish ingredients in one. No need to buy separate items, making it budget-friendly.

Time-saving: Ready in minutes, our gravies spare you extensive cooking preparations, giving you valuable time back.

Delightful taste: Authentic Indian flavor thrives in our spice-rich gravies, enriching every dish you create.



Our vision is to make meal preparation effortless in today's fast-paced world. We understand your busy lifestyle and aim to save you valuable time by offering convenient and flavorful gravies. We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice taste or quality for convenience. With our range of delicious gravies, you can enjoy homemade meals without the hassle of extensive cooking preparations. Experience the ease and satisfaction of flavorful dishes in minutes, making your life easier and comfortable.


Old khasra no. 646 Gha,
New 75/13 Patel Nagar Industrial Area,
Opp BSNL , Dehradun:248001

+91 6397426664

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